Our team of professionals are among the most talented in the industry. They continuously train to perfect their craft, enhancing their skills to provide clients with the latest styles, techniques and products available today.
  Jennifer Korab  - Master Stylist

Jennifer Korab - Master Stylist

  Erica Visnic  - Lead Stylist 

Erica Visnic - Lead Stylist 

  Holly Canica  - Lead Stylist 

Holly Canica - Lead Stylist 

  Ashley Colantuono  - Lead Stylist

Ashley Colantuono - Lead Stylist

  Jennifer Devlin  - Lead Stylist

Jennifer Devlin - Lead Stylist

  Ginny Kaminski  -  Artist Stylist

Ginny Kaminski -  Artist Stylist

  Alexandria Crisofulli  -  Artist Stylist

Alexandria Crisofulli -  Artist Stylist

  Kerri Naples -  Associate Stylist

Kerri Naples - Associate Stylist

  Terry Cebo  - Artist Stylist

Terry Cebo - Artist Stylist

  Amanda Barbiero  - Jr. Stylist / Hair Assistant

Amanda Barbiero - Jr. Stylist / Hair Assistant

  Tara Quick  - Associate Stylist

Tara Quick - Associate Stylist