We at Renaissance Spa strive to give only the best treatments, facials, and high quality skin care products to suit everyone's needs. If for some reason we fall short in meeting your expectations, please let us know. Your satisfaction is very important to us. Our goal is to make each and every service as enjoyable and as pleasant as possible. We appreciate your business and your loyalty to our salon & spa. 

The following list includes the facial services and treatments we offer. We have categorized our skin services by skin condition and skin type. 

(please note that the prescribed time for each service includes: required dressing into spa gown/ robes, skin analysis, and face mapping with treatment discussion)

 Microdermabrasion - The Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial 

*Fine Lines & Wrinkles

*Dehydration/Course Texture


*Acne Scarring/Blackheads

*Enlarged Pores

(60 minutes) $125


20 Minute Facial

*Our "Lunchtime" Facial

*Relieves Dull Skin

*Improves Skin Clarity

*Instant Brightness

*Gently Smoothes

 (20 minutes) $30


Relaxing Facial-

*Pure Bliss of Facial/Neck Massage

*Duo Cleansing For Smoothness

*Hydrating Mask

*For All Skin Types

(60 minutes) $75

 Ultrasonic Facial - Deep Cleaning Facial

*For All Skin Types

*Removes Aged Surface Skin

*Cleares & Smoothes Skin's Surface

*Breaks Down & Washes Away Debris In Pores

*Penetrates Anti-Aging Serums/Acne Fighters Into Skin

*Revitalizes Skin

(60 minutes) $125


Teen Facial 

*Deep Cleanses

*Works On Most Types Of Acne

*Helps Clear Blackheads/Whiteheads

*Addresses Large Pores

*Smoothes Skin's Surface 

(60 minutes) $75