Poncho Season: The Voluminous Toppers

As if we could not be more obsessed with Harper's Bazaar, they have blessed us with the newest fashion statement: ponchos! Top brands such as Burberry, Tory Burch, Net-a-porter, etc. all have one thing in common: They are selling ponchos! Luckily for you, our boutique is providing you with a more affordable alternative. Starting today, we are carrying poncho's under $50! Get cozy in one of our new ponchos! 

Fresh Fall Hair Trends!

Tired of your summer style? Cosmo has just given us the best hair trends for this Fall! Whether you have blonde, red, brown or black hair, there is a new style waiting for you! Check out this article on the new fall styles that are a MUST for this season. You better hurry and make your appointments with your stylist at Renaissance before it all books up! Don't let your hair suffer the summer blues.